Ford Oil Changes in Mechanicsburg, PA

Have Your Oil Changed in Mechanicsburg

Has the oil change light in your Ford Focus come on recently? Is it time to get the oil and filter changed on your Ford F-150 or Ford Explorer? The oil change is one of the most common and important routine maintenance services for any gasoline-powered vehicle. If ignored, it can lead to multiple issues, including more extensive engine repair problems. If your car needs an oil change, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our Fred Beans Ford of Mechanicsburg team.

Why is an Oil Change So Important?

The oil in your engine does a lot to keep your car's engine running smoothly. Not only does it lubricate the interior moving parts, but it also cools the engine along the way and picks up any debris that may have found its way into the engine. Over time, the oil and filter will become damaged and deteriorate. Once that occurs, it won't do its jobs the way it should, which will cause larger damage in the long run.

When Should I Get My Car's Oil Changed?

Most modern vehicles have an oil change warning light that will appear when the oil and filter need to be replaced. However, you should always check to ensure that your car's oil is filled and clean. If it's been over 7,500 to 10,000 miles since your last oil change, you'll want to have the oil replaced regardless.

Schedule Your Oil Change Appointment at Fred Beans Ford of Mechanicsburg

Our service center is prepared to change any vehicle's oil and filter, whether you have a Ford model or not. Feel free to use our online service scheduling tool right from your Carlisle or Camp Hill home or contact us from Enola or beyond to learn more.