Sell or Trade Your Vehicle at Fred Beans Ford of Mechanicsburg

Whether you have a car you'd like to sell for cash or are interested in trading your current vehicle for a brand-new model, our Fred Beans Ford of Mechanicsburg dealership will gladly buy your car from you. We purchase all types of vehicles, whether they're from the Ford brand or other makes, and can offer you cash or trade-in value in return.

Use Our Online Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer

No matter what you decide to do, you'll still need to know how much your vehicle is worth. Our online KBB® Instant Cash Offer inputs your vehicle information and provides you with an immediate cash offer based on the information provided. Once you have this offer, bring it to our Fred Beans Ford of Mechanicsburg dealership, and, after a final approval, we'll give you either cash or trade-in value today!

What Type of Information is Required for Our Online Trade-In Tool?

We'll need to know a few things before we can give you your car's trade-in or cash value. These include:

  • Vehicle Information - What type of car is it? Does it have any extra features? What design details are included?
  • Ownership Information - Are you the first owner? Has the vehicle ever been used as a rental? Has it been in an accident? Do you still have a loan on it?
  • Vehicle Condition Information - Does it have any damage? If so, where and how extensive is it?
  • Contact Information - We'll need to know where to send your offer.

Talk to Our Fred Beans Ford of Mechanicsburg Team to Learn More

If you have questions about our trade-in form, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us or stop by our Fred Beans Ford of Mechanicsburg dealership from Carlisle, Camp Hill, or Enola today!