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When you are shopping for a vehicle you should not overlook safety features when comparing different models. The most important thing you can do is protect your life. Seat belts have been around for a long time but there are now more advanced safety measures that car companies have taken.

At Ford Motor Company, they hold themselves to very high standards with vehicle safety. Their goal is to give each customer a peace of mind by developing and creating advanced safety features, meeting or exceeding all requirements for safety, providing the public with educational programs and information on safe driving practices, and researching and developing new ideas to add to their whole line of vehicles including:

Statistically driver behavior is the number one problem in vehicle accidents across the globe. Ford has developed programs for the public that help encourage and educate people to drive safer on the roadways.

With Fords commitment to vehicle safety, they have provided all the innovative technological features in their vehicles listed below. Here is a rundown of some important safety features to look for when shopping for a vehicle:

  • Anti-lock Brakes (ABS)

The ABS system prevents all the wheels from locking up. Sliding front tires makes it hard to steer especially when on slippery terrain. A sensor is used at each wheel and the computer prevents the braking action at each wheel from lock-up. This allows the driver steering control and maneuverability.

  • Air Bags

Front air bags have been standard on all new cars since the late 1990s. Crash sensors connected to computer detect a frontal collision and deploy the bags. The bags inflate in microseconds to protect the passengers then immediately start deflating.

  • Accident Avoidance Systems

Brake assistant sensors, forward-collision warning systems, adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning sensors, vehicle cameras, lane departure warning devices, pedestrian detection system, active head restraints and many more.

  • Traction Control

This is an electronic computer system that provides the wheels with maximum traction when they are spinning.

  • Tire Pressure Monitors

Under deflated tires can lead to tire blowouts, poor handling, and bad fuel economy. These sensors are important in monitoring your tire pressure levels.

  • Safety Belts

The seat belt is probably the single most important piece of safety equipment in your vehicle.

  • Data Transmission Systems / GPS Technology Systems

Provides service for vehicle location, directions, and can be utilized for emergency services.

Ford provides the latest and greatest accident avoidance and driver assist technology systems in each of their vehicles, Occupation Protection Technologies that include features that protect the driver during impact or collision, and Post-Crash Response technologies that provide emergency call assistance, and much more. Fred Beans Ford of Mechanicsburg in Mechanicsburg, PA treats the needs of each individual customer with impeccable quality service.  Allow them to demonstrate to you their commitment to excellence! Come on down to our Mechanicsburg Ford dealership for a tour of the new line of Ford vehicles, and a detailed safety rundown on Ford vehicles, an industry leader in vehicle safety. 

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